Maximize Conversions with a Strategic Approach to Live Chat

A talk by Jon Tucker
CEO, HelpFlow

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About this talk

Most stores think of live chat as a customer service cost center, but it can be as a massive conversion driver to recover a big chunk of checkout abandons and drive even more conversions earlier in the purchase flow. At HelpFlow, we've helped 100s of eCommerce stores drive conversions by providing 24/7 live chat teams at a fraction of the cost of running live chat in house (i.e. our 24/7 team can chat with your visitors).

In this talk, I'll share the strategies we've used to drive nearly $100M in live chat revenue for a wide range of stores:

(1) How to predict checkout abandons and engage directly in the checkout flow. (2) How to integrate live chat into cart abandonment emails to supercharge results. (3) How to identify highly engaged prospects prior to checkout, and convert them.

You'll walk away with actionable insights you can implement quickly to maximize conversions with live chat.

Live Chat Blueprint from HelpFlow

How eCommerce Stores Can Use Live Chat to Boost Conversion Rate and Increase Average Order Value Are you focused on increasing conversion rate and driving more revenue, but at a point where you’ve maxed out a lot of the low hanging fruit? In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to use a simple but effective live chat strategy to increase conversion rate 10-30%. (1) How to engage automatically with the most qualified website visitors. (2) What wording to use in your chat invites to maximize response rate. (3) How to maximize average order value with chat-driven upsells. (4) How to do all of this without hiring more people. Download the Live Chat Blueprint today at

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Jon Tucker

HelpFlow provides 24/7 live chat and customer service teams to 100+ eCommerce stores. HelpFlow's team of agents maximize conversion by recovering checkout abandons, integrating with cart recovery emails, and helping engaged website visitors overcome what's stopping them from entering the checkout process.

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